Sunday, December 5, 2010

1876 Spencer House

About the same time the Palmerton Block was being rebuilt after the wooden structure burned in 1876, what would soon be known as the Spencer Exchange at the northeast corner of North Second Street and East Grand River was under construction. The reporters at The Fowlerville Review kept close tabs on the progress.

Mr. W.H. Spencer has purchased the two lots on the northeast corner of Grand River and Second streets on which he will soon commence the erection of a block of stores. Good.

Work continues to go forward on the new Spencer block.

The foundation walls of the Spencer block are nearly completed.

Work is progressing finely on the Spencer block.

As the building was close to completion, A Mrs. Miller, formerly of Pinckney, has rented the east room of the new Spencer block, and in a few days, will open there an extensive stock of millinery and fancy goods.

Operations will soon be commenced on the Spencer Bros. new block, near the corner of Grand avenue and Grand River street.

Carl Dickson, while at work on the Spencer block on Monday, was struck on the head with a falling scantling. His injuries are only slight. James Collins was also hit with a falling hammer.

The Spencer Brothers have just added two very neat and handy articles to their store, which are not only useful but ornamental, viz., a wallpaper rack and a case of blank forms. They are the handiwork of Mr. M.C. Olds.

The building also served as a location for classes with, At the annual school meeting on Monday evening, it was voted to engage a room somewhere to be used as a ward school. The upper rooms of the Spencer block have been secured for that purpose, with Miss Ella Warren as teacher.

The primary and intermediate department of the Union School took possession of their new quarters in the Spencer block on Tuesday, with Miss Ella Warren and Miss Annie Ruel as teachers. The grammar and high school departments will continue to occupy the old school building with Miss Sarah Kellog and Professor Conklin as teachers.

Within a couple of years, this building would be known as the Spencer House.

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