Tuesday, December 28, 2010

1892 Palmerton Plaque

Later in the year, after the devastating fire in 1891 that made it necessary to rebuild the Palmerton block, the following article was found in The Fowlerville Review announcing how Mrs. Palmerton would honor her husband: A picture of this etched stone can be found in my book, The Fowlerville Chronicles, on page 85. By 1892, the following picture shows the new building, which now stands and is known as the Harmon block. As you are driving through town, look up toward the third floor on the east side of the building. In the picture, there is a peak visible which no longer exists. At some point it was "chopped" off.

Part of the reason this is listed under 1892 is because the building was still getting its finishing touches late 1891 and shortly into 1892. The following article gave a synopsis of the occupants in the building:

Contractors Tunnard & Wines have completed their work upon the new Palmerton building and it stands today by all odds the finest private business block in Livingston county, and we doubt if there are many villages in the interior of the state that can produce its equal. The lower story is occupied by G.A. Newman & Co., and the Fowlerville Exchange Bank of Mr. J.C. Ellsworth will also be located in its old position in the corner of the building in a few days. The second story consists of offices and are occupied by attorney S.S. Abbott, doctors Austin & Austin and dentist F. Winchester, each having a fine suit of rooms. The third floor will be occupied by the F.&A.M. on the west side and the A.O.U.W. on the east side. The halls are designed especially for these orders and are elegantly fitted up with a dining room, cupboards and closets for the convenience of the occupants. The store, offices and lodge rooms are of yellow pine and finished in oil. The bank is elegantly fitted up and is finished in antique oak, A.J. Beebe having the contract for the building of the fixtures. The store is heated with a furnace and the bank is heated with steam.

Taken altogether, it is a building that every citizen of this beautiful little village can point to with pride. It would not be just to close this item without remarking that we have not had the privilege of conversing with hardly a single visitor to our village since the erection of the new brick stores but that in nearly every instance, the remark has been made by them that 'they are a better class of buildings than you will find in hardly any village of anywhere near its size,' and again we remark we are proud of our village and we have every reason to be and if there is a person here who is not, now will be a good time to move.

A few weeks later, Doctors Austin & Austin have arranged their new office in the Palmerton block very nicely. The north room from the main office will be the consultation room and also contains a very fine operating chair. The room south of the main room will be filled up with a drug case.

And, Mr. J.C. Ellsworth expects to occupy his new quarters in the Palmerton block this week. The bank is elegantly fitted up with a private office, handsome brass railing, foot rail, and taken altogether is very pleasing to the eye as well as being one of the most convenient banks in the county.