Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Squint Shot 120710 Update

Today's squint shot shows a close up of the bricks, both worn and some not so much, along the north wall of the township hall building, facing Power Street. I mentioned the possibility of a covered stairway -- well, I was mistaken. When I first came across the following picture, I thought it looked that way, but upon closer examination, it is a metal staircase to the second floor, with a covering over the doorway only. It would appear a wooden fence surrounded most of the staircase.

I'm thinking the next time I'm in town, I will check out what was done with the doorway entrance -- bricked in? If so, I'll take a picture and add it to the already growing collection of "doorways to nowhere" -- the subject of a number of squint shots over the last couple of years.The above black and white picture was taken during the 1986 150th celebration for Fowlerville and was published in the Fowlerville News and Views.

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