Wednesday, December 15, 2010

1883 Fall From An Apple Tree

It seems to me, every now and again, an article was published in the local newspaper with a great deal of minute information as well as a possible prediction of the future. This one was found in an 1883 issue of The Fowlerville Review:

Mr. Hiram Persons, living just south of this village, was very seriously injured by falling from an apple tree one day last week. Mrs. Persons found him trying to get up off the ground and being unable to do so, whereupon she called Mr. Geo. Curtis, who was also at work in another part of the orchard, and they carried him to the house. He has no recollection of falling, or in fact of anything that happened that day, but as his hat was found in the tree and he had several bruises upon his body, it is supposed he must have fallen. His mind is badly shattered and it is feared he has suffered severe internal injuries which may yet prove fatal.

Fortunately, a week later, the following blurb was found:

We are glad to learn that Mr. Persons, who met with a serious accident, on account of which appeared in these columns last week, is on the road to recovery.

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