Thursday, December 30, 2010

Squint Shot 123010

It is hard for me to believe 2010 is coming to a close -- this year flew by with a joy I had only dreamed of -- having a book published with my name on the front cover. I would like to pass along a very heartful thank you to all that have purchased a copy of The Fowlerville Chronicles. In the coming new year, I hope to publish another book -- this time a biography of G.L. Adams, as you know if you have been following this website, the editor and publisher of The Fowlerville Review. He was one interesting person and his writing is unique to me, although not necessarily different to other writings during his lifetime. He used the English language from 1874 to 1929 in a manner that is very different from today's writings. My wish for the new year? That this second book will happen and that some of you will enjoy it as much as I am having fun putting it together now. Oh, and by the way, today's squint shot was taken of a lovely, large, Christmas ball nestled inside one of the display cases in Sweet Sensations.