Saturday, December 11, 2010

1885 Telephone Wires

We are unequivocably spoiled when it comes to telephone communication in the year 2010. Sometimes that's a good thing; other times it would just be nice to not be so connected.

But in 1885, it was a whole different story. Telephone service was just starting to find its way to Fowlerville. This was accomplished by stringing individual wires from home to home, home to business, or storefront to storefront. One of the early articles I found, when researching for The Fowlerville Chronicles, was how Mr. Spencer strung a wire from his hotel to the depot so he would know when guests had arrived.

As the telephone system became a bit more sophisticated, this article was published in The Fowlerville Review:

The third telephone wire was strung through this place last week to accommodate increasing business. The last wire is of copper and is said to be a better transmitter of sound than the old wires.

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