Monday, December 13, 2010

1885 New Refrigerator

I have contended right along there have been many industrious inventors in Fowlerville through the years. In November, this post spoke about a heel insert.

Well, now comes along an article about a new refrigerator invented in 1885,

E.P. Kent has invented a refrigerator which has many improvements over others. It will not consume near as much ice and is so ventilated that all kinds of vegetables may be kept with butter and vituals without taint.

So, it makes one wonder what this "refrigerator" looked like compared to what we know now. One such old-style cooler can be found in the Sweet Sensations' building, which is now being used as an office. The walls are nearly a foot thick and the door equally heavy. The ice would be set above the ceiling and the cool vapors would drift down around the edges of the room. This particular locker was used when this building was a meat market, but is it possibly similar to what E.P. Kent invented?

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