Saturday, December 11, 2010

Recipes from the Ville

There is a new book in town. And it is a great book. Terri Whitaker Pilon, of the FUMC Mission House, has put together a fundraiser recipe book. I had the privilege of writing a foreword entitled "A Brief History of Fowlerville, Michigan." That was great fun, but what follows is even better. There are appetizers where you will find "4th of July Fireworks Brie & Cranberry Pizza" or "Addison Farms Artichoke & Spinach" and even "Village Time Capsule Bounce." In the soups and salads section, you will find "Gold 'n Purple Grape Salad" and "Stow Road Potato Salad." Breads, rolls and muffins follow, then breakfast recipes. Next, you will discover vegetables and side dishes where you can get "Toot's Cheesy Scalloped Corn" among many of the recipes. Main dishes and meats are then followed by desserts and cookies.

All the recipes have been given fun Fowlerville names and the array of ideas is astounding. If you would like to help out the Mission House and obtain a ton of tried and true recipes, pick up a copy for only $10 by either calling 517.219.9070 or e-mailing Terri at

Oh, and if you are looking for an extra gift for someone -- this might just fit the bill.

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