Sunday, December 19, 2010

1887 Clifton House

During a great deal of my research for the book, The Fowlerville Chronicles, especially during the early days of Fowlerville, a reference would be made of the Clifton House. I've slowly come to the conclusion that it really wasn't necessary to give addresses or locations in the newspaper because, basically, everyone knew where storefronts, hotels, blacksmiths, etc. were located. That made it very difficult for me to pinpoint many of the storefronts, so in the book many times, I would reference the building as being in one of the four quadrants.

With the Clifton House, I wasn't even able to figure out which quadrant, to be exact. Until recently. As I have been cataloging information, I came across this very short article, published by G.L. Adams in The Fowlerville Review, in 1887:

The name of the Clifton House has been changed to Lockwood's Exchange. A few weeks later, Lockwood's Exchange has received a thorough renovating, repainting and decorating. Mr. Lockwood now has a very fine suite of rooms to entertain his guests in. Peek and Radford did the work.

In my quest to publish my book as quickly as possible -- me being so-o-o excited to get as much information out there for the village -- I wondered about a few loose threads I left in the book. Fortunately, as I continue to work on saving this research information, maybe some of those ends will get tied up!

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