Friday, August 19, 2011

1876 Random News

In a 1917 issue of The Fowlerville Review, G.L. Adams reprinted some early news of the village. Here's a random selection of the news:

While working in a sand pit, west of the village on Saturday, Z.W. Palmerton received a slight sunstroke. He is convalescent, just now, however.

Mr. R. Fowler, wife and daughter, Mrs. A.D. Benjamin, started on a trip up the lakes on Wednesday to be gone perhaps three or four weeks.

Mr. S.G. Palmerton has just completed the platting into village lots of seven acres in the northern part of the village and now offers some of the most desirable lots in Fowlerville.

Charley Bush has a two-week's old chicken that has four legs, the toes of which are all perfectly formed. Two of the legs, however, are united down to the feet by a web like that of a duck's foot.

During the last few months, night-watchman Stevens has extinguished four fires, any of which with a slight breeze would have doubtless terminated in a disastrous conflagration. Two of these were the rear of the Tanner blocks on Grand avenue and Grand River streets; the others were near Chas. Moore's and S. Gillam's blacksmith shops, We give these facts to show the public that the reports that have been circulated regarding Mr. Steven's neglect of duty are false. We believe that Mr. Stevens may be found at his post every night in the faithful discharge of his duties as special police and nightwatch.

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