Monday, August 15, 2011

1892 Lime Green

One of the names that popped up during my research was Lime E. Green, at one time the proprietor of the Commercial Hotel. From various articles, he seemed to be well-liked and quite motivated as he moved on to other, larger markets in time. If you search this blog for the name Lime Green or L.E. Green, you will find more information.

Very few photographs exist -- and those that do -- in many historical collections, rarely have names on the backs of the pictures. Fortunately, the following pictures, found in the Howell Archives, had names written on the back:
They were: Mr. Beebe, T. Sherwood, Dr. Lamoreaux, E.W. Burkhart, Frank Berg (brother of Trowbridge), and Lime Green. So, do you suppose this was a fishing/hunting/camping trip?

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