Wednesday, August 10, 2011

1909 Amberol Machine

One of the very neat things about researching local history through old newspapers is coming across something I've never heard of and then doing a little additional poking around to learn about it. That was the case when I came across an advertisement about 'Amberol Records.' 'Google' is a great tool for doing some quick research and even finding a picture.

The ad speaks to the new Edison Records and I figured they would look like the flat, black, and circulars we are familiar with but I was wrong. The amberols are more like short cylinders as you can see in the second picture.

It was very hard for me to imagine what the quality of the sound would be compared to today's technology until this summer's 175th parade when we came across one being played in front of the house just west of the DDA parking lot. The cylinders spun and the music blared out of the large horn. Quite the sound!

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