Wednesday, August 31, 2011

1898 The Sabins

A surname found in numerous articles throughout the late 1800s and early 1900s was the Sabin name. In December of 1898, The Fowlerville Review congratulated Mr. and Mrs. Bently Sabin with the following blurb:

Mr. and Mrs. Bently Sabin passed the 65th anniversary of their married life on Saturday of last week, Dec. 10. There are very few couples that have lived so many years together and that have enjoyed so much happiness in each other's society as this worthy couple. May many more years be added to their calendar.

Two years later,

The following sketch of the life of Mrs. Bently Sabin, who died at her home in Conway, Jan. 1, is published by request of her relatives, as written by her own hand.~~ Editor

July 1, 1893.

Thinking it would be well to write a little for my children to read when I am gone, I will just give a little sketch of my life. I was born in Batavia court house, Genesee county, N.Y., Sept. 27, 1815; when ten years old came to Michigan, with my parents; settled in East Bloomfield, Oakland county; resided there until 1833; was married to Bently Sabin Dec. 10 -- it will be 60 years next December -- it seems a long period; came to Livingston county in 1838; settled on the farm we now live on; have lived here ever since except eight years we lived in Fowlerville, and one year in the state of New York. I was the mother of six children, four of whom are still living.

In my earlier years, I united with the Universalist church until I began to investigate the subject of spiritualism and like many others became satisfied those we mourned as dead still lived. I found in the spiritual philosophy what the doctrins of the church failed to give, a positive assurance of a continued existence. I look upon death as a blessing; my home is my heaven, and my children's voices is music in my own.

Oh, beautiful philosophy and religion is a God given gift to man; it smooths the rough paths of life to its weary travelers, wipes the tears from the cheeks of those who mourn, robs death of its sting and the grave of its victory.

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