Thursday, August 25, 2011

1893 Trivia

In 1918, G.L. Adams of The Fowlerville Review listed what we did and didn't have 25 years earlier:

Twenty-Five Years Ago~~

Ladies wore bustles.
Operations were rare.
Nobody swatted the fly.
Nobody had seen a silo.
Nobody had appendicitis.
Nobody wore white shoes.
Nobody sprayed orchards.
Cream was 5 cents a pint.
Most young men had "livery bills."
Cantaloupes were muskmelons.
You never heard of a "tin Lizzie."
Doctors wanted to see your tongue.
Milk shake was a favorite drink.
Advertisers did not tell the truth.
Nobody cared for the price of gasolene.
Farmers came to town for their mail.
The hired girl drew one-fifty a week.
The butcher "threw in" a chunk of liver.
Folks said pneumatic tires were a joke.
Nobody "listened in" on the telephone.
There were no sane Fourths nor electric meters.
Strawstacks were burned instead of baled.
Punishing a country newspaper was not a business.
People thought English sparrows were "birds."
Jules Verne was the only convert to the submarine.

For the fun of it, think of today's modern world, over a hundred years later, and consider what is different yet still the same for some of these items. And if we look back 25 years, we didn't have the internet and this blog did not exist!

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