Sunday, August 7, 2011

1908 Deo Blackmer

By 1908, Blackmer Clothing was now a well-established merchant store for men's clothing and shoes. The store was opened in 1896, and Deo Blackmer, S.T.'s son, would have been four years old. Eventually Deo would take over the store when his father retired from the business, but in the meantime, in 1908, this blurb (just one of many about the Blackmer family) was found in the local newspaper:

Deo Blackmer attained his sixteenth birthday on Friday of last week, and entertained a number of his young friends in honor of that event. A pleasant evening was enjoyed by all present.

Deo was very active in community events in later years, while still running the store, including conducting black-out drills during World War II.

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