Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1880 Music Teacher

Mrs. A.G. Lewis has closed a very successful term in vocal and instrumental music at this place. She will organize another class and anyone wishing to take lessons can leave applications at Lockwood's Exchange. The following are a few testimonials as to charter and ability:

Mrs. Lewis is a customer of ours that uses an exceptionally high grade of music for her classes and we can recommend her as one understanding all the requirements of the position offered her in your church. Sincerely yours, Charles Bobzin & Co.

The Lockwood Exchange was, as many may know from reading this blog, was a wooden structure that stood on South Grand. Twenty-five years later, it would burn to the ground -- most likely due to a kitchen/grease fire -- and a brick structure would replace it. That building still stands across from Curtis Grocery.

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