Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1910 Greenaway House

The "Greenaway" house still stands at the southeast corner of Mill Street and North Grand Avenue, although the trees have grown up around the house making it look different than years ago. The Greenaways owned and operated the Livingston Mills, which was located across Mill Street where the fire station and library now reside. In later years, the mill would be known as Birdsall's Mill, changing hands from the Greenaways to the Birdsalls in 1917. Fern Greenaway and Lewis Birdsall were married and lived at the corner of Mill Street and North Second Street; now a parking lot for the library.

Although there was no credit on this photograph, found in the Howell Archives, it looks to be very similar in timeframe and composition to the numerous pictures taken by Holt & Hart.

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William Roy F. Greenaway III