Tuesday, January 15, 2013

1836 In the Beginning of Livingston County

We are taking a one-day break from the articles I've been posting of Charles Gehringer, a ball player from Fowlerville, to go back to the beginning of Livingston county.

My husband and I recently took a road trip to King's Book store in Detroit, mostly because I just needed to see it after hearing how the four-story old building was crammed to the rafters with books.  It is all true; everything I ever heard or read about it.  After making sure I checked out each of the floors, I headed back to the first floor and found the stacks holding numerous books on Michigan history.  I ended up purchasing a book of the history of Michigan up to 1950 -- at some point, I may even use some of the information while working this website.  Here's a picture of King's Book store:

Just before leaving, I found a small book on the beginnings of each county in Michigan.  I immediately checked out Livingston county and was disappointed to see Fowlerville was not listed.  It would have seemed to me ANY mention of the Grand River Trail should have mentioned Ralph Fowler's contribution to making it a thoroughfare with the building of the plank road.  Oh well, such is the forgotten history of this village.
Here's info on Edward Livingston -- click here.

Back to Charley Gehringer tomorrow.

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