Monday, January 14, 2013

1926 Gehringer in the Limelight

Following you will find a lengthy article on Gehringer's increasing notoriety.  The first three shots of this article, republished in The Fowlerville Review from the Durand Express, are legible but unfortunately, the fourth one is not (taking digitals of microfilm is pretty tricky sometimes).  The second and third views of this article has some fun information.   

Sopp, VanBuren, and Hart have been mentioned before but this was the first time I came across Clem Gannon in connection with helping Gehringer.  I did a little genealogy research on Clement Gannon and, if I found the right one, he was the father of Agnes Gannon, who was the 1936 Centennial Queen for Fowlerville's 100th celebration of the arrival of Ralph Fowler.

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