Friday, January 11, 2013

1926 Gehringer for Big League

In February, 1926, G.L. Adams, the publisher and editor of The Fowlerville Review, republished an article that had been in the Durand Express, giving somewhat of a recap of Gehringer's career so far with:

Gehringer for Big League~~Charlie Gehringer, the Fowlerville ball player so well known in Durand, and who stands better than an even chance to be a regular on the Detroit team this next season, led the International League in two departments last season.  Gehringer was farmed out to Toronto by Detroit in 1925.  Official figures of the International League have just been released, showing Gehringer as leading in total bases, 337, and in sacrifice hits with 28.  His batting average for 155 games was 325.  He lacked only four points in being the leading batter in the league.

Gehringer was a sensation in field all last season.  In fact he was an unusually fine fielder when he first joined the Tigers two years ago.  He appeared to be weak at bat, however.  He evidently has developed batting talent.  Cobb, manager of the Tygers, has always had a warm feeling for Gehringer, predicting the "kid" would make the big class.  Andy Green, of Owosso, the best independent baseball umpire in Michigan, had his eye on Gehringer when the latter played in high school baseball.  He tipped Gehringer off to Detroit scouts and probably no ball player of as young years and lack of experience ever got an earlier chance in life than the Fowlerville lad.~~Durand Express

A little more reading -- this time on the International League.

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