Monday, January 21, 2013

1928 Two Stars

Nineteen twenty-eight was a very good year for Fowlerville citizen notoriety.  Gehringer had a great 1927 season with the Detroit Tigers and the prospect for the summer of 1928 looked to be the same.  That same year, Gehringer was congratulating G.L. "Dad" Adams for his longevity as the editor and publisher of the local newspaper. 
As a little bit of self-promotion, please consider purchasing a copy of my book, Through the Eyes of a Country Editor.  G.L. Adams was opinionated, passionate, exceptional in his writing, and a "cheerleader" for his adopted hometown.  As I did research for The Fowlerville Chronicles, I fell in love with Mr. Adams' writing and decided that would be my second book.  I set up the book in the same format -- chronologically by years -- but added so much more.  I am very proud of how the second book turned out and still find myself heading back to it for my own research for this website.

At this point, I am getting to the point of a limited number of copies of both books and would like to get these last copies out there.  

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