Monday, January 28, 2013

1970 Library Construction

The following picture was given to me a few days back:
In 1970, the Fowlerville library was finally, truly, getting a home of its home.  The building -- where the library continues to operate out of -- was built in 1970.  Before that, the library was located in the Handy township building, and had outgrown the confines of those walls.

Since 1970, the current library building has been added on to, but continues to experience growing pains.  Every available space is used up and the staff is constantly working at making sure all the books, magazines, dvds, and reference materials are well displayed.

But, back to the above picture.  A note came with the picture indicating Ronald Brunger, a pastor in Fowlerville and a library board member, is sitting at the keyboard.  Can anyone identify the others in the picture?  And, does anyone have a memories to contribute of when the library building was under construction?

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