Wednesday, January 2, 2013

1922 Gehringer in Indiana

In November, I posted a picture of Charles Gehringer with the Fowlerville high school team.  You can check out that article and picture by clicking here.  That team picture was taken in 1919. 

Charles Gehringer graduated from the high school in 1922.  By August of that year, he was in Indiana.  The following little blurb was found in The Fowlerville Review announcing this:
Since it is blurry, it reads, "Charles Gehringer is pitching for a club in Indiana and is doing some fine work, playing several errorless games and being the main spoke in the club with which he is working."

There are two very good sites for Charles Gehringer's biography, which you can find by clicking here and also by scrolling down this page and clicking on the link to Mike Grimm's Fowlerville History site.

As for this series of posts, there will be more articles as found in the local newspaper.

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