Monday, January 24, 2011

1870 Broom Manufacturer

In the early 1870s, Mr. John Drew began making brooms. He quickly became well known for his broom-making ability and the high quality of his workmanship. During the next 30 years, he was but one of many industrious men in the village during this era.

In 1894, after G.L. Adams received a broom from Mr. Drew, the following article was published in The Fowlerville Review. Is it a commendation or an advertisement?

This office is kept very neat and clean now with a fine new broom, manufactured by Mr. John Drew, of Iosco, and presented to the editor by him. Mr. Drew is the veteran broom maker of this county, and we may almost say of the state, having been at the business for nearly 30 years. He is an expert in selecting broom corn and any broom made by him contains only the best material. His brooms may be found on sale at various stores in this village.

In 1895, the following article was found:

John Drew brings a sample of one of his brooms to this office that for quality of stock and fine workmanship is ahead of the ordinary broom by a very large majority. Mr. Drew has been at the business for years and it without a doubt one of the oldest and best workmen in the state. He has just completed a large invoice for A.R. Miner.

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