Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 Ice Skating Rink

Just in case you haven't been in town lately, or rushing through so fast to notice, Fowlerville has an ice-skating rink!

The Department of Public Works spoke with the DDA group and it was decided to flood a large area of the empty lot in the northwest quadrant; in particular, where it has not been paved. In years past, occasionally an area in Centennial Park (and before 1998 when it was called Centennial Field) has been flooded. I included a couple pictures in my book, The Fowlerville Chronicles, which I had found in newspaper articles from the Fowlerville News and Views. I hope the weather stays cold and everyone digs out their old skates -- I know I will!

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DCE Motorsports said...

Something is missing! Where are the nets? Good start and an awesome idea. Great job Fowlerville DPS.