Sunday, January 23, 2011

Squint Shot 012311

As the dpw workers dismantled the building, in September, 2010, behind the old Butler Gun Shop, it was pretty much thought this building was empty. And it was -- except for one interesting piece of equipment attached to the south inside wall.

But first, as a bit of back-history, before we get to the pictures -- this old structure used to be the Sidell Fur Trading Post in the early 1900s. I would imagine a large number of furs passed through this building. Obviously, that meant there was some "skinning" going on, as I eventually learned.

The following picture shows the skinner that was used, and is now stored in the Fowlerville Historical Collection, found in the village offices: The next two pictures show close-ups of each end; the first picture being the end that was attached to the wall and the second one showing the end where the animal's head was secured before being skinned.

If anyone would care to see this old piece of history, meet me at the village offices any first or third Tuesday of the month around 9 am. That is when I have the large walk-in closet open and available for anyone to browse through.

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