Saturday, January 1, 2011

Squint Shot 010111

Well, the new year of 2011 has begun, the Christmas decorations are being taken down, and my squints shots will be taking another new direction. For the next couple (maybe longer) of months, I will be looking outside and inside of some houses and buildings that still exist and some that are no longer standing. For now, the next few days will be checking out a house that many feel was formerly owned and lived in by the Fowler family, as evidenced by this post labeled "Fowler House, 1845." While working on my book, The Fowlerville Chronicles, I came across information regarding a house that used to stand just west of the dentist's building next to Fowlerville Hardware. Information on this particular house was not found, but it would be interesting if any of my readers know about it would speak up. After all, it is great to get this information out to all of us!

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