Sunday, January 2, 2011

Squint Shot 010211

Yesterday's squint shot started off with a picture of what may have been one of the Fowler houses in the early 1800s. This shows a close-up of the sign. In an article published in the Livingston Press and Argus in September 2001, written by Candy (Parent) Spiegel, the following picture was shown of this house in the early 1900s. Over the next few days, some of the trim in the porch and house peaks as well as the corners of the porch will be shown. As noted in the article, Martha and Ralph Haller, preserved the home inside and out with period wallpapers and tender loving care. Ralph made replica trim to replace what was missing on the porch, and he created lamps from a black walnut tree in the yard knocked down during a storm.

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Mike G said...

They had a nice article, but too bad it was never Ralph Fowler's house. I'm sure you know that maps clearly indicate that Fowler lived on Grand River, not on S. Ann Street.

I've talked with the Haller's granddaughter, and she's aware of their mistake, but didn't want to upset her grandparents at the end of their life.