Thursday, January 20, 2011

1892 Slaughter House

About the time my book, The Fowlerville Chronicles, hit the market, more local villagers have offered up information that would have made for some interesting trivia. One such tidbit was in regards to a slaughter house that was located on the west side of the village, along the Cedar River, just north of West Grand River. Well . . .

. . . as I continue to catalog information, I came across the following article published in The Fowlerville Review in the fall of 1892:

The Benjamin slaughter house which has been a bone of contention for lo these many years passed on its way through the village on Wednesday to its proper location on the west side of the Cedar river. It will be a happy relief to the citizens in the east part of the village.

The slaughter house no longer exists, but I do have to wonder how the water in the Cedar river looked at the time butchering was being done along the banks.

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dcemotorsports said...

I wonder where exactly the building stood? Is there a foundation still evident?