Monday, January 31, 2011

Squint Shot 013111

Following are close-ups of the entire sign shown in yesterday's squint shot.

And now here are a few advertisements for the F.J. Cook & Co.:
And, as an added bonus, follows a short article found in The Fowlerville Review in 1894:

F.J. Cook owns half interest in one of the most useful inventions we have seen on the market. It is a galvanized iron feed box with a follower through which just enough oats are forced at a time to enable the horse to secure a mouthful and not any to waste by scattering them over the floor and the manger will soon pay for itself in the saving of grain. It also prevents the animal from hogging down its grain, almost swallowing it whole, as many animals are inclined to do. He has placed them in the barns of the street car companies in several cities and they are pronounced a success.

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