Sunday, January 2, 2011

1886 Intervention

One James Fisher, who has long bourne a reputation for extreme cruelty to his family, was waited upon by a committee Monday night and, he refusing to reform, was escorted out of the village, and warned never to return. His family are being cared for by our liberal citizens.

This short notice was found in The Fowlerville Review, late in the year of 1886.

I immediately reflected on today's world and how, in all of our rules and regulations and the possibility of lawsuits, we would be hard-pressed to "butt" into someone else's business. But, it would appear, this was not a worry in the late 1800s. When it was obvious a family was in danger from abuse, action was taken. Did this make it easier for the remaining family to continue? Was it asked-for help? Did the man ever reform and return after such a wake-up call as to be run out of town?

And, a final question -- can you imagine the uproar that might ensue if something like this was so reported in today's world?

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