Monday, May 7, 2012

1910 Ladies of Fowlerville

In a few days, pictures and information regarding Morgan Vaughn will be shown that I received from a reader.  After that e-mail, another e-mail came from him with the following picture, back of the picture, and text with an explanation and questions.  If anyone can answer his questions, that would be great.  Enjoy:

Hi – I came across this one.  Perhaps your readers (or you) will know the significance of “F.S.H.” on the banner that is being held.  I’m assuming it has something to do with Fowlerville.  I would certainly love to know what FSH stood for – some sort of club I would assume.

Here’s the back story:

The woman holding the banner is Edna Pearl Coll, my grandmother, who was born in Canada in 1886 and in 1891 moved to South Lyon, Michigan and then to Fowlerville where she grew up and married in 1913.  Unfortunately she died in 1923, resulting in the children being spread among relatives (e.g. Morgan & Ada Vaughn).

I try to date photos from the clothing, hairstyles, etc.   My guess on this would be between 1900 – 1910.  The big hairstyles were popular in that time frame.

Of note, look at the swastika pin on one of the young ladies.

The reverse view of the postcard photo has names written by someone most likely after 1923 as two of the individuals are noted as “dec” or deceased.

The Eva Bresert is possibly Eva Besser.

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