Friday, May 18, 2012

Through the Eyes of a Country Editor

Through the Eyes of a Country Editor has arrived and is now available for purchase.  In this book, you will find Fowlerville (and some state and national) history from 1874 until 1929; the tenure of George L. Adams as he served as editor and publisher of The Fowlerville Review.  Fifty-five years of reporting that included just about everything that you can imagine.

As I described on the back cover of this book, it is 295 pages of:

"Through the eyes of an eighteen-year old, George L. Adams arrived in the village of Fowlerville in 1874, and found a community in its infancy and the need for someone to chronicle its life.  Over the next fifty-five years, everything found its way into The Fowlerville Review from devastating fires and the rebuilding of nearly every wooden structure to brick buildings, births and deaths, diphtheria and influenza epidemis, innovations and inventions, weddings and other celebrations, to the everyday activities of the village's residents and those in theh surrounding area.  And, what he wrote, he described with flair, humor, great detail, and even sometimes scolding.  G.L.'s life was an open book for his readers and this biography offers his writings from 1874 until 1929 and his life story from his birth in 1855 until his death in 1930."

Through the Eyes can be purchased for $30 plus $3 shipping through paypal or $30 pick-up.  I will also be planning some book signings in the very near future where I would love to meet you and (obviously) sell you a copy of the book.

Until my meager supply of The Fowlerville Chronicles runs out, you can purchase both books for $60 plus $5 shipping or $60 pick-up.  By buying both books at the same time, I'll even throw in a packet of six postcards of old-time Fowlerville.

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