Monday, May 28, 2012

Squint Shot 052812

On North Maple Street, there is this long white ranch house.  At one time, this was the home of Stirling Douglass.  Some may well remember him, and his brother, Wendell "Bud" Douglass.  Bud passed away a few years ago.

While research for The Fowlerville Chronicles, I came across a notebook of pages and pages of reminiscing done by Stirling Douglass, typed up by the person that interviewed him, and provided a ton of information of the village during the mid 1900s.

 I also came across this picture of Mr. Douglass when he was a $100,000 lotto winner in 1983.
If anyone would like to add some remembrances of him, that would be wonderful!

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Anonymous said...

Stirling was my dad's first cousin. I appreciate seeing the photos.