Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Squint Shot 050112

On North Hibbard street -- #116 to be exact -- Olerie (sp) Fowler and Queen (Fowler) Church lived in this house.  Queen may have been one of Ralph Fowler's daughters and if any of my readers could enlighten us further, that would be wonderful.  "Queen" may also have been a nickname.

The other name given to me of Olerie or may have been Olive is up for more information if anyone would like to comment.  The more we know about the ancestors in this area, the better!


Steve Novak said...

In the 1900 census there is a Queen Fowler - daughter of Rosco Fowler. And with Queen is her sister OLIVE.

Craig said...

They are not in the Ralph Fowler line. This line came from Canada to New Hampshire then to Howell.
Queen Fowler was born in 1884.
Olive Fowler was born in 1869.
Queen married Roy Church in Windsor Canada on 18 Jun 1907. Hope this helps.

Mike G said...

Ralph Fowler had a granddaughter named Olive. She was born in 1869 to Charles and Hellen (Corbett) Fowler, and died in 1871 before she was 2 years old.

Craig said...

Mike you are correct, but this Olive and Queen was the daughters of Rosco Fowler and Mary Jennie Varmest. They lived in Howell and Cohoctah Township, than moved to Fowlerville. Rosco Fowler was born in New York abt 1842 and his father Ephraim Fowler born in Vermont. I have not found a close relation to our Ralph Fowler family yet.