Sunday, May 20, 2012

Squint Shot 052012

In my recent travels, I took more pictures of houses.  One of the houses indicated by my friend last summer was this house on Frank Street.  He mentioned it was the home of Freeman Curtis.  Now, I know there have been a lot of Curtises in Fowlerville -- and there still are -- but in all of my research, I haven't happened upon the name "Freeman" Curtis.

Does anyone know what kind of work Freeman may have done?

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Steve Novak said...

Freeman L. Curtis was born 14 Jun 1900 in Butterfield, Michigan. In the 1930 census he and his family are living in Pontiac, Michigan and his occupation is Metal Cleaner, Auto Body Factory. He moved to Fowlerville some time after 1930 and he died at his residence there on 11 Feb 1976.