Thursday, May 17, 2012

Squint Shot 051712

A few months back, I found some information that mentioned when the brick building housing the M.E. church at the southeast corner of South Second and Church streets was built in 1916, the wooden structure was purchased by B.D. Grover and moved to a location on North Collins street.  At the time I read about this, I went in search but didn't feel like I had found any of the houses that might have possibly been a church turned into a home.  But directly across from yesterday's squint shot house, I noticed this house.  Could this have been part of that wooden church building?

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Mike G said...

I thought the church had been moved to North Second St.

Based on the size and shape, I'd doubt that this house was the church, unless there was a small addition to the south side or east side, which never show up in photos.

Maybe this was like the article that said Ralph Fowler's house was going to be moved to Bell Oak, but was actually torn down.