Thursday, August 9, 2012

1961 Article on 1891 Fire

The 1891 fire, that took out the entire northeast block of wooden buildings as well as jumping over North Grand Avenue and burning the Palmerton block as well as most of the buildings north of it, has been one of the most-reported on events in the village of Fowlerville.  This was one of four major fires that devastated buildings at the main four corners -- 1) the Palmerton block in 1876, 2) the Reason House in 1878, 3) this 1891 fire, and 4) the 1904 fire that destroyed most of the building in the southeast quadrant.

The following article, probably researched and written by Nellie Glenn, was published in the 125th celebration special edition of The Fowlerville Review, and offers a great deal of information on who owned which buildings:

In my book, The Fowlerville Chronicles, as well as the recent biography, Through the Eyes of a Country Editor, there is additional information on this fire as G.L. Adams wrote extensively about it (although he was in Washington at the time and Mrs. Adams published the paper the week of the fire) and then the aftermath of rebuilding the town.


Karin said...

My great grandfather Rollin Horton helped rescue furniture from a fire but I'm thinking it may have been the 1904 fire possibly? He was a farmer who had a farm on Chase Lake road and at some point he was involved in helping someone recover some items I think from a store, possibly a furniture store, during the fire. He was gifted a grandfather clock at that time which is one of the things he saved I think. We have that grandfather clock down here in Texas now after the passing of Rollin's daughter, my grandmother Doris Horton Haire.

amuse me said...

Thank you, Karin, this is some great information.