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1961 Article on Early Photographers

Following is an article on one of the early photographers in Fowlerville:
According to information I have come across, there were no photographers in the Fowlerville area before 1860, giving credence to the fact we have no photographic evidence of early settlers; even in their later years.

It would appear there were photographers before the Jensens but information has been hard to come by for them.  And we do have numerous portraits in our historical collection that may date earlier than 1902.

The Jensens obtained the photography business in Fowlerville from C.E. Kline.  The following article was found in The Fowlerville Review in the fall of 1903:

Well!  The old photographer, now in Fowlerville, will give a 16 x 20 crayon portrait to anyone having one dozen photos taken before Oct. 1, 1903, and Jan. 1, 1904, from any picture you want enlarged.  Father, mother, sister, brother or sweeheart.  Remember this is my last chance to make such an offer as I move to Brighton Jan. 15, 1904.  All work guaranteed; also all work finished before Jan 15.

Shortly after that:

C.E. Kline, the photographer who sold his business to N.P. Jensen recently, moved his family to Brighton on Monday, where he will engage in business.  Mr. Kline is a splendid artist and his work possesses much more than ordinary merit.  We wish him success in his new home.


Jensen, the new photographer who is now in Chicago buying accessories, card mounts, new instruments, in fact everything that is needed in a first class studio, will be home and ready for business some time next week, and in the meantime the studio will be plastered, painted, calcimined, and other improvements made.

And then:

Jensen, the new photographer, will open up as soon as his stock from Chicago arrives.  The heavy snow fall is responsible for the delay.

Jensen officially opened in February, 1904.  A few months later, the following was in the newspaper:

Have you seen the new photos in the new photographer's outdoor showcase?  If not, stop and take a good square look at them and see for yourself what kind of work Mr. Jensen makes, and be sure of this, that you can get as soon work as your neighbor has already had, at prices within your reach.

By May, 1904, Jensen was also offering outdoor views for portraits.

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