Saturday, August 4, 2012

1961 Norman Harebottle

This portion of the 125th celebration special edition of The Fowlerville Review had both an article of early advertisers and a congratulatory advertisement from Norman H. Harebottle, M.D.  If anyone would like to make a comment about Dr. Harebottle, that would be great. 
If you have read the article on the early advertisers and your interest has now been piqued on the hand presses manufactured here in Fowlerville, you can find loads of information in the biography I put together on George L. Adams -- Through the Eyes of a Country Editor.  G.L. Adams was an industrious and ambitious young man when he arrived in the village in 1874.  My book follows his efforts to build a successful newspaper while working on his eventually-patented designs for printing presses through to his retirement and sale of the newspaper in 1929, and his death the next year.

If you are looking for gift ideas for Christmas, might I suggest this book to any of the Fowlervillians you may know!

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N. Harebottle III said...

That man was my grandfather who I never got the chance to meet. Thanks for posting this snippet up here to help me connect. :-)