Sunday, December 2, 2012

1898 More Burgling

Yesterday's post spoke of F.G. Rounsville's house being ransacked.  Just within a few weeks, two more blurbs in the local newspaper showed up indicating more was going on in the village than just random hits on houses:

~~There seems to be a considerable amount of petty thieving on Gardan lane and some of the residents there may form a vigilance committee.


~~The tramps have a new game now.  They are quick to catch on to every little idea that will help them to a hand out.  Just now, they are soldiers.  They say they wanted to enlist to fight for Cuban independence but the surgeon turned them down on account of some physical defect and they are working their way back home because they have not the money to pay their fare.  Just at this time the story is a go and rarely fails to bring a good bite to eat.

I'm thinking some things never change!

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