Sunday, December 30, 2012

1928 Hotel Sumner

As I continue to work my way through some randomly-chosen articles from 1928, I came across this very short blurb regarding the sale of the Hotel Sumner on South Grand avenue -- a building many still call the "old hotel."  The article was published in the local news section of The Fowlerville Review.

A picture published quite some time ago in the Fowlerville News and Views showed the hotel along about 1926-30.  It follows:
I believe at the far left there was a smoke shop, with a barber shop kind of in the middle, then restaurant for the hotel taking up the southern half of the building.  I tried zooming in on the lettering at the roofline, but could not read it.  I would be curious if anyone would know what that might have read as.

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Mike G said...

The sign reads A. A. Schaadt, although without digging further, I can't give you any more information.