Sunday, December 9, 2012

1914 Ladies Injured

As I randomly select articles from the local newspaper (while waiting for a package to arrive with what I believe to be some very interesting information), I came across this 1914 article:

Both Ladies Were Injured~~On Thursday afternoon, of last week, as Samuel Logan and wife and Mrs. Fred Palmerton were driving home from this village, when near the Potts farm, Mr. Logan was driving with a loose line and discovered the bit had broken in the center and was hanging out of the horse's mouth.  He hastily slipped out of the cutter and attempted to get the horse by the head, but the attempt was unsuccessful and, as the horse started to run, he called to the ladies to jump.  Both did so and Mrs. Logan injured her foot quite painfully and Mrs. Palmerton quite seriously injured her knee, although fortunately no bones were broken.  The horse gradually slowed down his pace and was caught by Mr. Logan's son near home and neither horse or cutter were injured.

As the Palmerton name goes way back in this village's history, I am wondering what this Mrs. Fred Palmerton's relationship was to Frank and Joanna Palmerton -- the merchants involved in building (and rebuilding) the Palmerton block.

If anyone can add a comment with additional information or e-mail me and I will do an update, that would be great.  I'm wondering if this is the same Mrs. Fred Palmerton that would eventually own and run the Standard station in the 1930s.

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Anonymous said...

Mrs Fred Palmerton’s name was Zadie. She was my great great grandmother.