Tuesday, December 11, 2012

1928 Salt on Street

With winter, it used to be salt followed as it is spread on the roads when they were icy.  Now, though, more often it is sand that is used, but I still associate the spreading of salt on the roads with cold, wintery conditions.
As I've been randomly looking at articles I've saved from thousands of digitals I took of microfilm at the Howell library, I came across the following editorial blurb published in The Fowlerville Review in the summer of 1928: 
So salt was used to try to tame the dusty roads, which of course got me thinking about current-day technology; especially since we have to drive about half a mile on a dirt road to get to our place.  Once or twice a summer, chloride is sprayed on the road by the county and it does seem to help for a while, although still not long once the rains come.  Reading the above article, I guess not much has changed.

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