Monday, November 21, 2011

1878 Pioneer Sketch - Part 16

Now in this connection, we will enumerate some of the first events and improvements connected with our township. The first steam saw mill that was built here was in the years '46 and '47, on Section 18, by Mr. Spafford and others. The first frame barn was built by Elijah Gaston, on Section No, 1. The first framed house was built by Richard P. Bush, on Section 12, in the year 1853.

The first log school house was built in 1839, on Section 11. The first frame school house was built in the years 1843 and 1844, on Section 11. Mr. Calvin Handy owned the first oxen and cow in the township. Mr. Martin W. Randall the first team of horses. Mr. Alonson Church the first hog. Mr. Peter Mitchell the first hens. Mr. Ruel Randall bought the first cat of Mrs. Walker, of Farmington, for 50 cents, and brought it to town.

Chas. Fowler was the first white child born in the township, in the year 1838, in the month of June. The first death was in the year 1838, it being Mrs. Ruel Randall. The first sermon was preached by the Rev. John Cosort, a Methodist, in the year 1839. The first saw mill built in Fowlerville was in the year 1849, by Mr. Russell Fuller, of the state of New York.

More improvements and donations tomorrow . . .

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