Tuesday, November 15, 2011

1878 Pioneer Sketch - Part 10

The years '37, '38, '39 were enthusiastic years for us. The state having been admitted into the Union in the winter of '36-'37, and an appropriation of land from the general government of 5,000 acres for the completion of the Detroit and Grand River and the Detroit and Saginaw roads, which the government was then at work upon, and the great system of internal iprovement instituted with the $5,000,000 loan, the Central and Southern railroads, and the notable Clinton and Kalamazoo canal. The line of said canal was surveyed through our township, which, together with the newcomers, gave us great hopes and anticipations.

At the arrival of newcomers, we all made it a point to make their acquaintance as soon as possible -- anxious to know all about their teams, wives and children, and their money, as well as their dogs; also their skill with the axe -- and some had to know which was the best man to at square hold or pulling stitches; also the grit and speed of their dogs.

Our ever respected and ever remembered Charles P. Bush had a greyhound called 'Soap,' which he brought with him. Mr. J.B. Fowler had a bull dog, raised by our friend Mr. Wells, now of Howell. He was brought from Geneseo, N.Y.

Tomorrow, more about the dogs.

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