Saturday, November 26, 2011

1878 Pioneer Sketch - Part 21

Now in conclusion, my old friends and pioneers who with me have braved the wilds and hardships of this county, endured the perils and privations consequent in the settlement of a new country, let us remember that where we now stand rehearsing these incidents, half a century ago, no echo answered to the voice of civilized man, where for ages the majestic forest trees undisturbed had waved their heads and clasped their hands, where the merciless savage freely roamed and the wild beasts found a happy home.

However wonderful indeed now to behold on every hand the work of a civilized and enlightened community, to see the face of this fair county beautifully adorned with fine orchards, splended barns and magnificant homes. Now if we have opened the way for the consummation of such splendid results, may the fruits of our efforts be duly appreciated by those who have succeeded us and a priceless inheritance be ours in the land of the blest.

With the hope that our country may go on prospering and to progress, we leave it to those who shall continue the work we so thoroughly began, with the aid and blessing of that Divine Architect in whose hands the destinies of all things are dependent.

The End.

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