Sunday, November 27, 2011

1880 Walter Fowler

Now that Ralph Fowler's very informative pioneer sketch has concluded (which you can also read in its entirety under the label of Pioneer Sketch), we are going to land in 1880 for a bit. As I've mentioned before, if you have a particular year in mind and subject, I will look through my notebook to see if I have any information to pass along. In the meantime, I will post articles that are interesting to me and hope they are the same for you.

Following is a blurb I found printed in the local newspaper in 1880:

Fowlerville, following a suit of Howell, had her mock trial on Tuesday. Walter Fowler filed a complaint of assault and battery against Peter Lewis who was required to appear at the livery barn before 'Hon. William Sabin, Jr., Esq.,' where a jury trial took place, Mr. Fowler pleading his own case and N.L. Embry appearing for the defendant. After hearing the testimony of the various witnesses brought upon the stand, listening to law read from almanacs. directories, etc., and the act of the legislature prohibiting the sale of adulterated milk to cheese factories, the jury retired and upon returning, gave a verdict of -- of -- well, something, in which the complainant was required to 'set 'em up.'

Anyone willing to make sense of this?!?

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