Tuesday, November 29, 2011

1880 Random News

The local paper, especially when G.L. Adams was publisher and editor from 1874-1929, was full of newsy gossip and interesting little blurbs. Following is a sampling from one week in 1880:

W.B. Gale has received notice from Geo. H. Jerome, Supt. of the State Fisheries, that he will ship to this place on Saturday, (to-morrow) two cans of eels (10,000) to be deposited in Cedar creek.

Births are of frequent occurrence now-a-days -- the editor's family has been increased by a quartette that will in due time give evening rehearsals that will cause the neighbors to have 'cat-nip fits' and go feline round for the boot-jack.

A team, belonging to some individual whose name we were unable to learn, standing unitched near the shook factory on Wednesday, took fright at the whistling of the cars and ran away but, fortunately, without doing serious damage.

M.C. Olds and Gilbert Ables, of Conway, have been in town doing a job of carpenter work for Mr. H. Loughlin and we should judge from the racket in the morning that they are not eight-hour men. They have done a nice job, especially in the pantry, for Mr. Olds is the boss on pantry work and takes a back seat for no one. The two cases put in for Mr. Loughlin are the best we ever saw and are admired by all, especially good housekeepers. The Diamond Flour box that he puts into all good pantries, is a mechanical success and any contemplating building ought to have one of these and Mr. Olds is just the man to build them.

A little excitement was occasioned on Saturday at about noon by a fire that got to burning pretty briskly in a pile of shavings near the shook mill.

Wm. Palmerton lost a horse on Monday night which is supposed to have been struck by lightning.

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