Wednesday, November 2, 2011

1879 Pic-Nic

Upon invitation of N.B. Green and Mrs. R.H. Fowler, about 80 of the friends of Mr. and Mrs. Roger Sherman assembled at their residence in Chohoctah accompanied by the usual amount of provision for a basket pic-nic and a general good time.

The forenoon was spent in playingn croquet and looking about over his fine farm, which gave all an abundant appetite for the feast which was spread upon the tables under the shade trees in the front yard. Abundant provisions had been made and all were well supplied with chicken pie, strawberries, ice cream, lemonade, etc., with perhaps one exception -- a man of large proportions, who ate at all three tables and was heard to remark that he would like 'a little more chicken.'

After dinner, Mr. Sherman brought forth a box of cigars and the gentlmen indulged in a smoke, while the ladies gathered in groups to discuss the latest fashions. The party broke up about 5 o'clock and all united in pronouncing it the day of the season.

The above recount of a summer picnic was published in the local newspaper -- kind of made me feel like this was from an accurate depiction by movie-makers that did their homework. Also makes me want to plan a picnic as soon as spring and summer arrives in Michigan in 2012!

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